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What We Do

The Open Food Network is a global non-profit network of people working together to build a better, fairer food system for everyone. Together, we share resources, knowledge and software to connect farmers directly with food hubs and consumers. We aim to empower communities to become self-sufficient and develop food systems that work best for their own needs. By cutting out the middle-men, both the farmer and the consumer get a better price, whilst enjoying healthier, fresher food.

Software designed for food

The OFN platform allows farmers and food clubs to sell produce online, at a price that works for everyone. It was built specifically for food, making the job of managing stock levels, orders and deliveries so much easier. Buyer's clubs can ensure the right amounts for all members, whilst farmers can make bulk deliveries and receive one aggregated payment.

Build strong, independent communities

Create the food network that works best in your area. Farmers and food producers can list their own online shop, or sell through food clubs, church groups or other hubs on the platform. You, the community, create the right network that works for you and your local farmers and we will support you with the right tools. The best remedy to survive these tough times is to become self-sufficient and independent. We 100% agree!

Open Source & Non-Profit for Fairness

Farmer's have always received a raw deal as government, logistics, marketers, retailers and produce agents all take their cut. We believe that a fairer food system – for farmers, markets or food hubs – should be non-profit and transparent for everyone. By working together, everyone can share in building better, healthier, fairer and more resilient communities.

Share Knowledge and Skills

Join a global network of people committed to sharing and learning best food and self-sufficiency practises from each other. We facilitate group coaching and global gatherings to enable food enterprises to learn from each other and exchange experience. Our online training, blogs and resources help everyone to develop the skills they need to become truly free and self-sufficient.

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Everyone first signs up with an OFN account (name and email). Farmers, food clubs, shops etc. then complete a further "interested in selling..." registration to add their details.